Thursday, 29 September 2011

A colourful Northumberland Park 28/9/11

Visited Northumberland Park on Tuesday to look for the mandarin, on this occasion I was unsuccessful but a visit back there yesterday produced a beautiful creature - a male mandarin at close range. It provided fantastic views and was happy enough for me to stand there and take photos of it for an hour. Eventually the mandarin flew north when a sparrowhawk flew through the area. There was also 2 grey wagtails dropped in as well.
Mandarin Drake

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Rarity while ringing at Low Newton 25/9/11

Got up at 5:30 this morning to go to the weekly ringing session up at Low Newton. It was going well with just under 20 birds caught within the hour. Then Stewart brought a bird back that was initially put down as a reed bunting until Chris noticed it had a short wing length for a reed bunting and on closer inspection, it turned out to be a delightful Little Bunting. It was a pleasure to see such a rarity at such close range, you don't often get life ticks while ringing (my last one was a pied flycatcher at Low Newton last year) so to see this bird in the hand was a privilege.
What a cracker, unfortunately I left my camera at home so this was taken with my iPhone, so the photo doesn't do the bird justice.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Long-Eared Owl again 19/9/11

After Sunday's wonderful performance, I returned to Prestwick to see them again. This time the long-eared owl was there again and showing excellently well. Managed to see the whole bird with very little branches blocking the view, terrific!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Prestwick Carr Owls and a Strange Pintail 18/9/11

After reading many blogs about the short-eared and long-eared owls at Prestwick Carr, I finally gave in and went to see them. On arrival, I was greeted by 3 short-eared owls hunting over the fields. A fantastic county tick for me, then I heard the words 'long-eared owl' and made for the group of birders huddled around one spot near the bushes and sure enough, there was a beautiful long-eared owl sitting in the bushes with only a few branches blocking my view. A wonderful second county tick! I met up with Cain, Stephen, Morgan, Venetia, John and a few other birders for St. Mary's which made the trip even better.

Short-Eared OwlLong-Eared Owl

I was at St. Mary's on Wednesday which produced some unusual sightings such as this male-eclipse pintail which amazingly took off from the sea and landed on the grass next to me very briefly before flying back out to see. A very nice bird to see on patch, only my second.