Sunday, 24 January 2010

Knot Flock Return 24/1/10

Been all over today, we started at St. Mary's. On the rocks in the north bay, we had 3 oystercatcher, 1 redshank, 2 ringed plovers and 1 knot. When we went for a closer look at the knot, we saw a flock of 30 grey birds flew in which turned out to be knot as well. We were excited to see that the knot had returned to St. Mary's after we thought they weren't going to. After a good start, we headed for big waters. The feeders were packed with chaffinch, siskin, reed bunting, blue tit etc. The siskins were very happy to stay on the same feeder for almost a hour and a half. They were not letting the goldfinches on in a hurry! After spending a lot of time there, we moved to Killingworth Lake on the way home. 5 goosanders were present, along with 3 pochard and a goldeneye naming a few. The usual stuff was there too of course! A very good day birding!
Knot Goosander
Common Gull SiskinChaffinch

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Grey Plover and Kingfisher at St. Mary's

We popped down to St. Mary's for a hour this morning and got some nice surprises. The bay was full of waders. Ringed Plover in their numbers coming very close, dunlin and golden plover very close too. All the usual birds but there was 2 rarer ones. There was a bar-tailed godwit at the end of the bay. We also saw my favourite wader fly past us, Grey Plover. It flew around for a while before landing at the far end. We thought it wasn't going to come very close but if you just sit on a rock, it will come very close. We were very impressed! I was also impressed with the photos that the D90 takes in the dull weather. Just as we were leaving the bay, a kingfisher flew past us. A very rare sighting for St. Mary's!
Grey PloverGolden Plover
Ringed Plover Bar-Tailed Godwit

Friday, 8 January 2010

A few photos 8/1/10

This is just a little update of what is around:
Fieldfare in my garden after throwing some apple out (thanks Tim!)
Blackbird in my Garden Golden Plover came surprisingly close at St. Mary's Skylarks still at St. Mary's. (Better light than yesterday)
5 inches of snow in my garden!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

My first post of 2010

We went to St. Mary's at the weekend (sorry haven't had time to post since then!) and the birds were nowhere to be seen. However, some of the scenes there were amazing, like the snow on the rocks etc. The only birds we saw of note where 3 skylarks in the carpark which was a little different. However, not much else to report except a garden tick. I thought this was quite unusual. I saw a grey wagtail in my garden. I haven't got a pond so I'm not sure why in came but it stayed for a couple of days then moved on. Another garden tick was a fieldfare. I know how unrare they are but I have never had one in the garden before Skylarks
Snow on the causewaySnow in my garden. Grey Wagtail (in my garden)