Saturday, 9 January 2010

Grey Plover and Kingfisher at St. Mary's

We popped down to St. Mary's for a hour this morning and got some nice surprises. The bay was full of waders. Ringed Plover in their numbers coming very close, dunlin and golden plover very close too. All the usual birds but there was 2 rarer ones. There was a bar-tailed godwit at the end of the bay. We also saw my favourite wader fly past us, Grey Plover. It flew around for a while before landing at the far end. We thought it wasn't going to come very close but if you just sit on a rock, it will come very close. We were very impressed! I was also impressed with the photos that the D90 takes in the dull weather. Just as we were leaving the bay, a kingfisher flew past us. A very rare sighting for St. Mary's!
Grey PloverGolden Plover
Ringed Plover Bar-Tailed Godwit


  1. Fabulous pics Jack. I never imagined that St Marys would be the place to see a Kingfisher. It just shows that it pays to be alert and expect the unexpexcted. Best wishes. Linda