Sunday, 21 July 2013

Purple Patch

A good run for patch started on Friday with a HUGE twitch, a Little Egret on the Wetland! Massive mega for St. Mary's and a patch tick!

Great Bird!

It carried on yesterday with a day of Adult Birds on a manic seawatch:
- First bird I saw when I started seawatching was a full adult Black Tern (my 3rd for Patch).
- I then spotted a HOBBY flying north (massive patch tick), it started chasing dunlin around before giving up and carrying on north!
- I then went home, sat down, thought to myself 'ahh that was a nice day, I'll get myself a nice Coke and watch the Ashes', oh no. Andrew Kinghorn rang and told me I had 30 minutes to get to St. Mary's to see the 4 Adult Pom Skuas coming north, and dear me they were good!

2 out of 4 Poms!

175 - Patch Life.
136 - Patch Year.
223 - British Year.

Monday, 1 July 2013


Unbelievable! No other words to describe it! Big thanks to Mike Hodgson for the lift and Andrew for the boat; anyone planning on going tomorrow call 07984 668093 to book a place. I would recommend it!