Thursday, 7 January 2010

My first post of 2010

We went to St. Mary's at the weekend (sorry haven't had time to post since then!) and the birds were nowhere to be seen. However, some of the scenes there were amazing, like the snow on the rocks etc. The only birds we saw of note where 3 skylarks in the carpark which was a little different. However, not much else to report except a garden tick. I thought this was quite unusual. I saw a grey wagtail in my garden. I haven't got a pond so I'm not sure why in came but it stayed for a couple of days then moved on. Another garden tick was a fieldfare. I know how unrare they are but I have never had one in the garden before Skylarks
Snow on the causewaySnow in my garden. Grey Wagtail (in my garden)


  1. I threw some apples in my Monkseaton garden and have Fieldfares galore. If your school give out fruit then speak to someone there and ask for the uneaten apples (they just bin them otherwise!).

  2. Welcome to 2010 Jack. ;-) Nice shots. I've never seen the causeway under snow. Brian.

  3. nice pics Jack you have some nice birds in your garden! Wish they came to mine then I wouldn't have to go out to get photos