Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Wallington Hall

As it was such a nice day, we decided to have a day out. After remembering that there was a feeding station there I said that I would like to see some little birds. So when we got there we asked someone what there was to see. She said that there was blue tits, coal tits and things like that. So we went to the hide and sure enough there was a feeding station. We went in a sat down and there was blue tits (10+), coal tits (15+), chaffinches (5+), great tits (2), a nuthatch, a greenfinch, a bullfinch and a robin. Also there was a red squirrel. There was quite a selection of birds until they all scattered. Me and my dad knew something was bothering them and alarm calls were being made. And sure enough, 10 seconds later a sparrowhawk flew right between the feeders but it was unsuccessful in seeing anything.
10 minutes later we left the hide and headed for the gardens. On the way back we saw a bird fly across the path and when we looked up there was long-tailed tits (5+). We left there and went into the garden where was nothing of interest. Moorhens (10+) but nothing else except on the way out when we saw a flash of blue and there was a kingfisher flying away.
Greenfinch on feeder
Great Tit on the ground