Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A rewarding trip to Wallington 25/8/09

Went to Wallington Hall NT yesterday to see what we could find. Unfortunately, there wasn't much in the way of wildlife on the way to the hide but there was when we got there! As soon as we went in, we saw birds all over the feeders. I had a quick scan of the birds as we went in but there wasn't much of interest. After sitting for 10 minutes, it started to get good. A pair of nuthatches showed up with a lovely willow tit(?) - I am not sure whether this is a marsh tit. It stayed there for a while before flying into the trees behind. Just as I sat back down, it got better. We noticed a Jay had showed up for us in the trees. We thought it wasn't going to give us any good views, then it did. It flew down onto the ground giving us good photo opportunities. Apart from those two, there wasn't much else to see but still a good day!
Willow or Marsh? (Some people from birdguides thought this was a marsh tit but help would be appreciated!)
Chaffinch Great Tit
Jay Juvenile Blue Tit


  1. Looks like Marsh Tit to me (which is what I'd expect at Wallington, too)

  2. Marsh Tit almost certainly. Glossy sheen to the cap is the clue. Willow Tit is very matt and looks like a slab balnced on the birds head. Best I D is normally the call. Amongst the normal Tit tsee tsee contact calls Willow Tit will give a churr churr when you are present. Great Tit can do the same but can rarely resist adding another note. Marsh Tit is a moderately explosive pitchow. Good pic though made ID much easier. Keep up the good work. I've taken ten to twenty shots of Willow Tit recently and haven't come close to the same clarity.

  3. Lovely pic of the young blue tit Jack. Linda

  4. It is a Marsh Tit Jack. It has a neck for a start. Willows are bull necked whereas Marsh is Blue Tit shaped. The cap is glossy too on Willow it would be dull black. Although not 100% the plain wing is a pointer too, willow often has a distinct pale panel...

  5. Thanks everyone for the help on the identification. Never seen a marsh tit so that's even better!