Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Black-Headed Med Gull and St. Mary's

Because my school finishes early on a Tuesday, I went to St. Mary's with my dad after school. As soon as we arrived we spotted a kestrel sitting in a tree and went to see it. It let me get amazingly close to it to get decent photos of it (it must be used to people). We had the weather, we had the birds but we didn't have the most important thing... the tide! It was right in so no chance of knot but we did get two lovely rock pipits on the rocks on the path to the causeway. Unfortunately not much else so we went to Brier Dene to check on the Med Gull. Success! It now has half a black-head and because I don't think it will be here much longer, we got plenty of photos. Med Gull
Rock Pipit Kestrel


  1. Great shots Jack, especially the Kestrel


  2. I live in Whitley Bay and love our birds, I have to say this blog is amazingly good!!!

  3. Wow and you are only 14!!!!!!! Well done to you!!!