Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Some surprises at Killingworth and Big Waters 21/2/11

Went to Big Waters and Killingworth Lake yesterday. Stuck for places to go at the moment with terrible light for photos. Big Waters was full of siskin, there was 30+ siskin around the feeders very close to the hide. There was over 20 more that I saw in the trees as well, I have never seen so many. There wasn't much else apart from as we were just leaving, a lesser redpoll dropped in to the feeders which was a lovely addition to the day. Onto Killingworth next to see what was around. At the end where the road is, there was 2 great-crested grebes displaying just past the island, shaking their heads and diving together. However, the car park end produced a lot more, there was a juvenile whooper swan in amongst the mutes which was very tame and was feeding on bread. There was also a male goosander that was swimming about 6 feet away from where I was standing, then it got out the water and walked across the path towards the grass. I have never seen a goosander so tame. Unfortunately, no sign of the nordic jackdaw, but hopefully I will see it sometime this week.
Siskin Lesser RedpollWhooper Swan

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  1. Nice to see a Goosander out of the water, strange seeing the legs. I had a juv. Whooper at the Rising Sun for over 5 weeks while the snow was down and it slowly became tame over the weeks. It disappeared a few weeks ago, this could be it.