Sunday, 30 October 2011

Pomarine Skua 30/10/11

Went to Sunderland today to see the pomarine skua on the north pier. When I first arrived there was no sign of it and I had missed it by 10 minutes, I was hoping for it to come back soon as the sun was dropping fast. 20 minutes later I spotted in flying in again in amongst the fishermen, about 30 or so, it dropped in the middle of them and fed off the scraps that were thrown to it. A great bird to watch and to see. It went up to the other end of the pier shortly after that and started hovering above 5 fishermen. Then I saw a guy about 20 on a bike with a red hoody on pick up a stone and he threw it at the skua. I spoke to one of the fishermen who was next to me about and he went over to sort him out, he left soon after. Why anyone would do that is completely beyond me, such a graceful bird in the air and so wonderful to watch.
Lovely Colours on this juvenile pom, a very approachable bird too.

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