Thursday, 14 June 2012

Recent Sightings

I haven't been posting for a long while now because I am bunged down with revision and exams! But in between revision sessions, I have been managing to get out so I'm just going to do a post on all recent sightings since my last post (so not really very recent at all!), these are:
Spotted Flycatcher on Holy Island

Marsh Warbler at Hadston Carrs
Gorgeous Little Stint at Newbiggin

I'ev also just returned from St. Mary's after a fantastic seawatching session, 8 manx shearwater past, and 2 adult BLACK TERNS! A brilliant lifer for me!


  1. Nice to see a post Jack but you've got to get your studying done. Plenty time for birding afterwards.
    Some cracking birds, nicely captured.
    The Marsh Warbler was a treat to hear never mind see.

  2. Yep I'm studying hard don't you worry ;-)
    If I can get out, I will!
    The marsh warbler is a massive treat, I hear there is one appeared at hauxley now?