Saturday, 1 December 2012

Welcome to Winter!

This morning I revisited St. Mary's after a rush down after sixth form yesterday to catch up with my second black redstart for patch, only my 4th in Britain, and it was a very good decision! Met up with Alan Curry in the south bay around half 8 and immediately it put in an appearance, spending most of it's time on the cliff and seaweed darting backwards and forwards. After a while, I went off and left Alan to photograph it and checked out the rest of the patch, with very little around apart from the 'resident' great-spotted woodpecker. 

So after a while, I decided to go back to see the redstart again and this time, it showed like a dream. I found by just sitting a rock and allowing the bird to get used to me, it was very tame indeed, coming within 5 feet at one point, and posing for me in the morning sun. Morning well spent!

What a stunner!

Also spent some time photographing these guys on the rocks...


  1. B Redstart certainly is a stunner, as are the photographs of it Jack!

  2. That second BR image is a belter Jack.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys, hopefully going for another visit at the weekend!

  4. Yes that near flight shot is fantastic I was there about 2 minutes after it was found ,but mine are very poor in comparison .