Saturday, 5 October 2013

Patch Mega!

After a report from Alan C of a RB Fly on the patch today, I went straight down for a look. It was a fruitless effort however as nobody on site saw the bird, and there was only one observer at 9:30, no further sign since. I managed to hear a Firecrest (2 Still Present), 4 YBWs and a Redstart. While looking for the RB Fly, I got eyes on a Large Raptor coming in off the sea. After I got my bins on it, I come to the conclusion that it was a Harrier sp! I presumed it was Marsh Harrier because there had been a few about and it was most likely, however after having a good look at the shape, I decided it was a HEN HARRIER! I shouted across to Bob, Brian and Darren who were standing with a few other birders who all got on the bird, and came to the conclusion that it was in fact a Hen Harrier, as a couple of the birders there had the Harrier in their scope and got the white rump showing nicely! One of the birders also managed a nice shot of it as it was flying away, my 2nd ever on patch, fantastic!! Better have another prediction as is tradition now! With these westerly winds coming in, I'm not hopeful, but Red-Breasted Flycatcher re-appearing would be nice...

Hen Harrier

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