Thursday, 20 November 2008

Kestrel Rescue at Budle Bay

Today, after reading about the waders at Budle Bay, we went to check it out. On the way in we saw a kestrel lying in the middle of the field which we thought was dead. So we just carried on and had a look in the bay. There we saw shelduck (20+), oystercatcher (20+), Lapwing (100+), Redwing (4),redshank (10+), dunlin (5+), a dunnock and a robin. While we were watching the waders, a flock of geese flew over but we are not sure what type they are! After that we came back and noticed the Kestrel again. In got the binoculars on it and noticed that it's eye moved so I went into the field and saw that it's beak was moving. I shouted to my dad that it was alive and he came over and picked it up and wrapped it in a blanket in the back of the car. I tried to think of a place with a warden to take him and ask him what to do and I thought of Hauxley! When we got there, Kelly, as I called the Kestrel!, looked much better and was awake and looking around. We went in and asked what to do and he said take him to Ulgham Bird Reserve. We had a look around Hauxley while we were there but nothing except 5 tree sparrows. Since we were near we decided to head for Cresswell to see if the mud was back for the waders. When we got there Kelly was opening her beak and called a "kee-kee" shout. I thought she was hungry. We went to the hide and sure enough the mud was back and there was golden plover (70+), lapwings (70+), a curlew, sanderling (10+), Whooper Swans (7) and redshank (3). We also saw a beautiful water rail in the reeds as well. Then we left back for the car and I saw a worm and I thought Kelly might like it saw I picked it up. However, we drove to Ulgham and she hadn't eaten it but luckily they took her in and are going to look after her and she should live hopefully!
Kelly in the back of our car
Kelly in the middle of the field
Shelduck Flying
Cresswell Mud Flats