Thursday, 15 January 2009

Thornley Wood 4-1-09

We were going to go to Cragside but it was shut so we went to Thornley Wood instead. When we got there, I noticed there was a mini feeding station with mostly great tits and 1 nuthatch. When we had finished lunch, we went and had a look at the map of the reserve. We saw there was a hide with a big feeding station so we went there. When we got in, we saw loads of little birds flying around such as robins, great tits and blue tits. After just a few minutes, a red kite flew over being chased by a crow. Not long after that, my dad noticed a bird in a tree which was a bullfinch. It was too far away for a photo but then 2 flew down and sat right in front of the hide when I got a photo. I noticed there was no coal tits and I wondered why but then I thought I'd seen one and got a photo. When I looked closer at the photo, I saw it was a willow tit! Shortly after, I saw a brown bird climbing a tree, quite far away and I realised it was a treecreeper. It was quite far away but it came and sat on a tree right next to us when I got the photo.
Willow Tit