Saturday, 11 April 2009

Hauxley, Druridge and Cresswell 8/4/09

For a little day out on Wednesday, my grandma took me to Hauxley, Druridge and Cresswell. We arrived at Hauxley first and went into the reception. The warden in the hide said that there was a bar-headed goose in the fields to the right. We couldn't see it so we waited for it to come. After 30 mins it still didn't show so we left. We went to the feeders which produced 3 pheasants, 6 tree sparrows and 4 chaffinches. So we moved on to the first hide. From there we saw 2 gadwall feeding just in front of us. Also, the teal numbers were good and two sailed just in front of us next to the gadwall. The other hides sadly didn't produce much except to lapwing in courtship so we went back to reception. The warden said that we had missed the bar-headed goose by 2 minutes. It flew across the pond just before we got there. Damn!! After that we went to Druridge Pools to see if we could see the little egret and garganey. When we got to the main pond, we saw a pair of mergansers and a Great Crested Grebe. The GCG was quite far away but not a bad photo either. We saw the little egret from the other hide but no garganey and the egret was in the reeds miles away! Cresswell, unfortunately was the worst reserve which is very rare. Nothing except a whooper swan on the far bank. Very dissapointing but the other reserves were good and produced some nice birds and photos.
Gadwall GC Grebe Pheasant Lapwing Courtship


  1. I like the Pheasant shot excellent clarity.

  2. your a great picture taker,wish i could get in close.well done.