Friday, 10 September 2010

Yorkshire Trip 30/8/10 - 1/9/10

I have been busy lately so I haven’t had time to do a blog of the holidays! But I do have time now.
Me and my dad went down to Yorkshire during the holidays to visit some of the reserves there. We left early on Monday and went straight down to Fairburn Ings RSPB. My membership had run out with the RSPB so I went and got it renewed while I was there. While we were waiting, the warden showed us some of the best sights on the reserve. The hides on the reserves didn’t produce a lot, so we went to the place where the warden had told us there had been some rare waders seen. We went along and just on the roadside was a pool, we stopped and got out. When we looked at the waders I saw a new bird for me, 3 curlew sandpipers, a ruff and greenshank. After a while, they flew over to our side, producing the best view I have ever had and some great photo opportunities. After spending an hour there, we went onto Far Ings. We went straight to the main hide which had had reports of water rail, bearded tit and marsh harrier. When we got there, we were told that the water rail had been out earlier but not seen since. But after about 20 minutes, we saw a little red beak pop out of the reeds, and soon it was walking around, brilliant photos again! It wasn’t long before the next bird showed up; a bearded tit appeared just under the reeds. Eventually showed a bit better but not great. Still good to add to the list though! The next hide was good too, another new bird, a lesser whitethroat in the trees next to the hide again, great views! So many great views on this trip! We were staying in South Cave, next to North Cave wetlands, so just before going the B&B, we went to see what was around. Not a lot on the reserve, although a first-winter male redstart in the trees was a bonus. Not such great views but not bad! We went to Blacktoft Sands for the last day. Not a lot here, spotted redshank was the highlight, 7 little egrets and a few ruffs. But the marsh harriers were out and there was a few, 6 in the air at a time! One came very close, never seen them that close before! A nice male showing off the grey wings! Fantastic! Spurn Point and Bempton Cliffs on the way home were good as well. Thousands of waders at Spurn, whimbrel was the highlight on the beach reasonably close, and grey plover flocks were around but very timid. There was also a nice roe deer on the hill quite close but was scared by a dog just as I was getting close. Bempton was just the usual really but some fulmar were coming close on their way past which was a very good end to the holiday. In total, 97 different species, well worth the visit! Curlew Sandpiper - The Highlight! Ruff Lesser Whitethroat Fulmar Cormorant from Far Ings Marsh Harrier Bearded Tit Whimbrel Water Rail
Redstart Roe Deer

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  1. The area around Lin Dike is always worth a check at Fairburn Ings. Alkborough Flats tends to get better stuff than Blacktoft wader-wise but is a bit further to get to from the A1. Sounds like you had a good trip mind!