Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Triple Vision 27/11/11

Finally managed to get out after being engaged for so long, and I decided I ought to pay a visit to Big Waters to check out the two Bewick's Swans that have taken up residence there. Most importantly though, I was desperate to get all three British swans in the same photo. I knew there were whoopers there as well so we made straight for the right hand hide on arrival. We were greeted by the whooper swans right outside the hide, there was also a couple of mutes to the left but at first, no Bewick's. After 10 minutes of searching, I got my eye on one of the Bewick's Swans behind the island feeding, surprisingly small compared with the mutes. I soon got my eye on the other to the right of the hide and it wasn't long before the two met in the middle allowing me to get the all important shot!
Got it! Bewick's, Mute then Whooper (Top to Bottom)
The size comparison between mute and Bewick's.
Finally the comparison between Bewick's (Top) and Whooper (Bottom)
We watched them for half an hour before the light disappeared and were just shutting up the hide when the otter swam right past. On a second look, I noticed there were actually three otters together right outside the hide. Unfortunately the light had gone but I did get one shot with all 3 heads all up together, fantastic end to the day!


  1. 3 Swans AND 3 Otters !!!
    I bet you were willing the Swans into the viewfinder......and they were soooo obliging.
    Cracking shot.

  2. Great Photo's jack!
    keep it up!

  3. Thanks for your comments guys!