Saturday, 10 December 2011

Desert Wheatear 10/12/11

Went up to Newbiggin again today to revisit the desert wheatear that has been hanging around, I saw it on Tuesday on the beach south of Beacon Point but today it was north of the point in the bay out of the wind. Met up with Kieran Lawrence on the way there, good to see you again mate. We set up on the bank overlooking the bay and within a couple of minutes of setting up, it flew onto a ledge about 15 feet away, this bird really seems to have little fear of people. After 10 minutes of watching it, it flew round the corner of the bay out of sight. I went round looking for it on the beach and didn't relocate it but saw 5 purple sandpipers and 4 grey plover which was a nice end to the day.
Desert Wheatear

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