Thursday, 14 May 2009

Hauxley, Druridge, East Chev and Cresswell.

On Sunday we went to Cresswell to see these wagtails that we can never find! As always, they weren't there and there wasn't much on the pond so we went to Druridge. We went to the mini-pond first which produced 3 black-wits, 6 dunlin and not much else. So we moved on to the bigger pond. On our way, we saw a whitethroat on our way to the hides. It just flew as we saw it so no picture unfortunately. From the first hide we saw 10 dunlin, 6 ringed plover and 2 nesting greylags. There was nothing at all on the main pond so we went to East Chev. On our way in, as we walked across the bridge, we saw a sedge warbler fly into the reeds. After 20 mins of looking, it never showed again. Just then it started to rain - heavily!! We ran to the hide and dived in. Not much on the pond and if it hadn't been for the 3 wheatears to the right side of the hide, we would have had nothing to watch! After it stopped raining we left the hide and went to Hauxley. On the board, in the reception hide there had been a marsh harrier seen 1 hour before we got there. As we walked round we saw 2 muscovy ducks on the little pond near the Eric's Hide. There were 2 gadwall in front of the hide but nothing else unusual expect a bar-wit on the far side. Not a bad day although not excellent. Wheatear Muscovy Ducks Gadwall
A little extra!: This year I set myself a challenge - to get a half-decent photo of a swift. This is what I came out with:


  1. Your pic of the swift is a lot better than Ive managed so far Jack. We were up at Teeside a couple of weekends ago where plenty of Swifts were swooping overhead but I didnt manage to get anything, so well done. Linda