Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Warblers all around

On Sunday, we went on a dawn chorus walk arranged by the NWT in Plessey Woods. On our way round we heard lots of common birds like chiffchaff, willow warbler, robin, blue tit etc. We also saw a male blackcap singing but it soon moved when we got close. We also saw a grey wagtail on the river. Just as we were nearly back, we saw a juvenile mistle thrush flap into the bushes and when we passed this is what we saw:

What you lookin' at?

After the walk we went to Cresswell to see if we could find any sedge warblers. Sure enough when we got there, we saw a sedge warbler fly into the reeds in front of the car. It sat there for quite a while until it decided it had had enough and left. We went onto Druridge to find some whitethroats on our way to the hide and some waders on the pond. We didn't see any whitethroats on the way but from the open hide, we saw the spoonbill. There was also a yellow wagtail calling from the grass but we couldn't locate it. The spoonbill was on the far side so I had some attempts at digiscoping it. However, that is all there was so we went to Hauxley. On our way to the Eric's hide we saw a willow warbler singing it's heart out. Not much from the Eric's hide but the wader hide was a lot better. When we went in, we heard two sandpipers calling but we couldn't locate them until they flew straight in front of us and landed on the rocks to the left. Seconds later, 2 grey partridges flew in front disappearing into the distance. There was also the resident redshank in front of the hide that is always there. Unfortunately there was nothing else except for this whitethroat on the way home on the beehive road:

The Warblers we saw:

Sedge Warbler

Willow Warbler




Common Sandpiper

Willow Warbler

Spoonbill Sedge Warbler

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