Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Recent Sightings 24/5/09 - 27/5/09

These are a few sightings that I have seen lately:

Lapwing and White Wagtail? (not sure) at Druridge Pools.
Does anyone know what type of caterpillar this is because I am not sure? (Also taken at Druridge Pools)
Lapwing Chick at Cresswell Little Egret at Hauxley NR (Had to wait about 15 minutes before it walked in front of the Eric's Hide)
Sparrowhawk, Song Thrush and Starling Chick taken in my garden.


  1. Hello Jack, re the caterpillar, I spotted somthing similar outside of RSPB Saltholme at the beginning of May and I thought it was a Garden Tiger Moth caterpillar. They're really unusual aren't they!

    Heres the URL to my post

    and UK moths

    Best wishes, Linda

  2. Thanks a lot for your help Linda. Great Advice. Like your photos of it at Saltholme. Also I like the yellow wagtail there too. Well Done.