Sunday, 1 February 2009

31/1/09 White Winged Gulls at last!

Today, we finally said we are going to find the Mediterranean and Iceland gulls. So off to Briar Dene Car park which is 400 yards from where we live. As soon as we arrived we saw a gull sitting by itself and we knew it was the med gull. It was too far away for a photo but we threw some bread out and it soon came over. I love the flight shot I got! Anyway, next onto Blyth to see if we could find the Iceland gull. When we got there we had a look over the side and couldn't see it. So we asked someone who said there were 2 around and took us back to the place we were standing and we looked over further and there it was! However, no sign of the other one but I was delighted to see both types of gull. We still had a lot of time so we went to Holywell Ponds. When we got into the hide, everyone was looking out with binoculars and there was a female brambling. But then everything flew away and a sparrowhawk flew across the water. To finish we went to St. Mary's for the water pipit but no sign of it today.
Iceland Gull, Blyth Harbour
Common Gull, Briar Dene
Med Gull, Briar Dene Sparrowhawk, Holywell