Monday, 23 February 2009

A variety of birds all over Northumberland 20-22/2/09

As the end of the holidays drew closer, we decided to take a family trip out to Gibside on Friday. We were expecting to see kites straight away and sure enough a red kite flew over as we were getting ready. After that we walked to the feeding station but when we went in there was nothing there at all. However, 5 minutes later it improved. 4 treecreepers, 10+ coal tits, 4 blue tits, a great tit and nuthatch were all there. Satisfied, we left the hide and on the way back, we saw 2 more kites flying over. A good day out there! On Saturday, I promised to take my friend out birding. First we went to the Briar Dene Carpark to show him the Med Gull. It was there as usual. Then off to the lighthouse. When we got there, we had a look on the fresh water lagoon, loads of mallard, teal, wigeon and 4 gadwall which was quite good. Next, down to the north bay for the water pipit. We got there and the usual waders were kicking around: sanderling (100+), dunlin (40+), knot (15+), a redshank and a purple sandpiper. We moved on to see the water pipit. We did see it flash off to the north of the bay so we moved to there. On our way we flushed out the grey wagtail that hangs around there too. We tried to get closer to the pipit but it flew up to the cliffs where we lost sight of it. So another good day!
Just yesterday, we went to look for the mandarin at Killingworth Lake but no sign of it. We did get a good view of some goosander while we were there but not as good a day as the other two.
Med Gull
Redshank Treecreeper Rock Pipit Goosander Goosander arguing with a coot!


  1. Hello there Jack, nice to see you have the comments set up. I hope you get your mate into wildlife as much as yourself! We need more young people to take over from us...Keep it up.

    I like the Goosander with the Coot...

  2. Hi Stewart, Thanks for your comments and your help in getting my blog recognised.

  3. Yes some great photos on here, I like the Redshank pose with that stare ,looking right at you !!!