Monday, 16 February 2009

Lakes and The Sea 15/2/09

In the morning, we decided that we would go to Colt Crag to view the male smew that was there. On the way there, we were scanning the fields for fieldfare as I was dying to see some. I hadn't seen any before so I was pleased when we got to a field very close to Colt Crag and we saw a group of them. After that, we headed to Clot Crag but didn't see it as the ducks were miles away. So we went to Bolam Lake and on our way there, we saw a little roe deer watching us just at the side of the road which was nice to see. When we got to Bolam, we saw a feeding station just in front of us with a nuthatch hanging off a feeder right in front of our eyes. We went to the lakeside but no sign of the smew so we starting making our way around the lake. When we got to the far side, we saw it in the middle of the pond through the scope. It was a female but we thought it was near to the other bank so we ran around just to see that it was in the middle and it was the same distance away! After seeing it, we left and when we got to the car, 2 long-tailed tits were at the feeding station which was good before we left. After that we went to St. Mary's for the Water Pipit and we saw it as soon as we walked onto the bay but we saw something else next to it on the bank which was identified later as a female stonechat, I got a photo of both which just topped of the day! Stonechat
Water Pipit
Long-Tailed Tit Nuthatch
Roe Deer

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  1. Good photo's once again Jack, well done.