Saturday, 7 March 2009

Black Lough for the Shrike

Today we decided to go to Black Lough to see the Great Grey Shrike. On our way there we called in at Bothal Pond for the GW Teal but nothing to be seen except mallards, coots, tufted ducks and pochard. So we went to black lough. After a mile walk (which felt like 5 miles!) we got to the lough and met another birder who pointed us in the right direction for the shrike. Sure enough the Great Grey Shrike was there! It was sitting on a fence-post about 300m away but then it came for a closer look. I digiscoped it and got some reasonable shots. After that we headed back home and on the way home we saw a red-legged partridge and 3 buzzards on a hedge. We called in to Blyth Harbour after to see the Iceland Gull. I wanted to see it standing so we went to have a look. I was lucky because as soon as we went in to the harbour we saw it standing on the first pier you come to. Excellent views!
Iceland Gull
Great Grey Shrike digiscoped


  1. Slightly better than my dodgyscoped shot.

  2. Whitley Birder7 March 2009 at 18:16

    Not the best I know but not bad since it was about three miles away!!