Thursday, 26 March 2009

St. Mary's and Holywell Ponds 24/3/09

Went to St. Mary's on Tuesday to see what waders were down there. We got down to the north bay I noticed a group of white waders on the point. I went in for a loser look. There was: 20 dunlin, 30 sanderling, 5 redshank, 5 turnstone and 10 knot. On our way back to the sand, we came saw 2 purple sandpipers right in front of us which was a good opportunity for a photo. Back on the bay there were 20 sanderling running with the waves and also 3 turnstone. As we pushed on further along the bay, a fulmar flew over which is a new sighting at St. Mary's. I was very surprised to see no pipits what so ever in the bay. There are usually rock pipits at the least. Anyway onto Holywell. When we got in the hide there were plenty of greenfinches on the feeders, mallards and tufties on the pond and a great spotted woodpecker in the feeding station. Later on a little grebe popped up in front of the hide but it soon went away. No sign of the water rail unfortunately but some nice views of the woodpecker.
Purple Sandpiper The group of waders Sanderling GS Woodpecker Fulmar

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