Sunday, 15 March 2009

Bothal, East Chevington, Druridge and Cresswell 14/3/09

We decided that we would visit all the ponds today. First stop was Bothal. After scanning the water for 15 minutes, we gave up as there was no sign of the green-winged teal despite a report on Birdguides that it was there - we must be looking in the wrong place. However, there were 4 whooper swans along with the ducks on the far side of the pond. Next was East Chevington for the Glauc. When we went into the first hide, a gadwall swam straight in front of us but too quick for a photo. While we were there we saw: 2 shelduck, 3 more whooper swans, and 4 gadwall. Unfortunately, that was all of interest so we set off for Druridge. However, we soon stopped again as there was a common toad in the middle of the road risking life and limb! I went back and took a photo of it then we went to Druridge. As it was so windy, we couldn't really see what was on the ponds but we did manage to see a heron and 20+ whooper swans (yet again!) in the field on the far side of the pond. Then off to Cresswell. We sat in the car for 10 mins waiting for the barn owl but due to the wind, we decided that it wasn't going to come out so we went to the hide. But on the way on the smaller pond there was 2 shelduck with another heron. In the hide, there was lots of ducks on the pond but not much of interest. On the way out we saw a pair of stonechats on the wall.

Whooper Swans at Bothal

Pair of Stonechats at Cresswell Common Toad at Druridge


  1. If that's not a relative of Jabba the Hut then I'm not Boulmer Birder.